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July 2015

June 2014
District Tournament 2014Jun 30 2014 5:00PMWalters Field


District Tournament 2014

Kennewick Babe Ruth League All Stars


June 30 Monday

5pm 13 yr old Pasco vs Kennewick

8pm 14 yr old Lower Valley vs Kennewick


July 1 Tuesday

3pm 15 yr old Kennewick vs Richland (Richland is Home Team)

5pm 14 yr old Pasco vs (Winner of Lower Valley vs Kennewick)

8pm 13 yr old Richland vs (Winner of Pasco vs Kennewick)


July 2 Wednesday

3pm 15 yr old Richland vs Kennewick (Kennewick is Home Team)

5:30pm 13 yr old (The loser from June 30 vs Loser July 1) Loser out Elimination Game

8pm 14 yr old (Loser from June 30 vs Loser from July 1) Loser out Elimination Game


July 3 Thursday

3pm 14 yr old Championship (If Kennewick is the loser in Elimination game, the championship game will decide the second participant at the state tournament. If the loser of this game has one loss then they will play again at 8pm provided one of the teams is not Kennewick).

5:30pm 13 yr old Championship (both teams will advance to state)

8pm 14 yr old Tie Breaker (If necessary)


All games will have no time limit. Home team is decided by a coin toss. No use of EH or DH is allowed. Babe Ruth Tournament pitching rules will apply. Games are at Walters Field in Pasco.


  Address: Pasco WA

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